Nissan launches electric vehicle range education video

By CARSIFU | 15 February 2019

BANGKOK" To educate customers about how far modern electric vehicles (EVs) can travel, Nissan launched the second installment of Nissan’s digital EV education series.

The videos are focused on addressing the driving range of electric automobiles, the main consumer purchase barrier in Southeast Asia.

Thanks to technological advancements, from 2011 to 2017 the median electric car range increased by 56%.

However, a 2018 Nissan survey still revealed that 80% of regional respondents said that the fear of an EV “running out of power” was a big concern.

So this video was created to help educate consumers in the Asia and Oceania region about the distance an EV can go.

“As most drivers in Southeast Asia travel less than 80 kilometers a day, this driving distance can be achieved several times over by just a single charge in most EVs today. The new Nissan LEAF, for example, with its 40kWh battery, boasts an average 270km against the worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure (WLTP),” says Vincent Wijnen, senior vice president for Nissan Asia & Oceania.

“As Nissan looks to transform the way everyone lives and drives, this is a fun yet clear way to educate people that electric vehicles have robust driving ranges, to suit all lifestyles.”