Nissan offering free drone with its latest X-Trail

By RELAXNEWS | 11 May 2017

PARIS: Alongside features like leather seats and a premium infotainment system, owners will now be able to choose a Parrot Bebop 2 Drone when selecting the optional equipment on their next Nissan SUV.

Nissan is hoping that the addition of a Parrot drone as standard equipment on its X-Trail SUV will help take on-the-road adventures to another level.

In recent months, a host of automakers have previewed concept vehicles that come complete with a drone for making deliveries or for scouting out the route ahead. But Nissan's package is one of the first of its kind for a true production vehicle.

The company hasn't integrated a landing pad for the drone on the X-Trail's roof, nor has it developed the drone in question completely in-house. Instead it's partnering with French startup Parrot and have together gone with a Bebop 2 unit as standard.

It has a flight time of up to 25 minutes between charges and features an integrated 14-megapixel camera that can shoot and stream live video to a smartphone screen or to a dedicated headset. It can also autonomously follow the user via GPS - a great feature for those that use a crossover or SUV to actually get into the great outdoors and beyond on adventures.

The drone, along with its remote controller and headset, can be stored in a specially designed padded backpack when not in use and, because the whole set tips the scales at a little over 500g, the bag will be light enough to carry with you once the car has stopped.

Although Nissan will only be offering the drone as standard equipment on the X-Trail X-Scape for a limited period it is now also officially on the X-Trail's list of cost options.