Parknav wins because it deserves to

By CARSIFU | 15 March 2016


AUSTIN: Here's one app that helps drivers make better use of their time.

Parknav helps motorists find street-side parking spaces. Using predictive technology. it is a real-time parking availability app that colour-codes roads according to parking spaces. Parknav has over 1.5 billion recorded
parking events and is offered in over 40 major US cities and 30 German cities.

In fact, it's such a practical app that it had been adjudged a winner of the SXSW Accelerator Award in the Enterprise and Smart Data category. The SXSW Accelerator, held over the weekend, is part of the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences & Festivals in Austin, a launching pad for new creative content. It's also an ecletic venue for mixing emerging technologies, original music and independent films.

Parknav was selected from over 470 companies which applied to present at the SXSW Accelerator for 6 different categories. The Chicago outfit said it serves over 100,000 users on its free mobile applications, which come in iOS and Android flavours.

No doubt Parknav will spur copycat rivals soon enough.