Patent outlines purpose of dormant Tesla Model 3 camera

By RELAXNEWS | 26 July 2019

SAN FRANCISCO: Inside the Tesla Model 3, owners can find a small camera facing back towards the cabin integrated into the connecting bridge of the rearview mirror. So far, this device has yet to serve a purpose; in fact, it's completely inactive.

Not long after the model was first launched in 2017, Tesla confirmed that the camera will only become active with a future software update. Two years later in 2019, this feature is still dormant. Earlier this month, however, a patent was published describing how the device will be used.

The camera will be switched on with a future software upgrade. — Image source:
The camera will be switched on with a future software upgrade. — Image source:

While it was previously expected that the camera will serve as part of the vehicle's autonomous driving system — and company CEO Elon Musk did confirm that it will be, in part — the patent revealed that it will also be part of an upcoming "personalisation system."

Based on the "spatial location of occupant's body parts" as recognised by the camera, the vehicle will be able to identify individual people and automatically personalise their in-car experiences.

Among the adjustments that could potentially be made once a person is recognized include tailoring the driver seat position, modifying the mirror directions, and setting the radio, music, and driving mode to their preferences.

At present, the Tesla Model 3 can already make these changes based on the driver's profile selection, but enabling a camera to identify people would speed up the process.