Perodua aims to eliminate employee accidents by 2021

By CARSIFU | 14 August 2018

Perodua Zero Accident Campaign was officiated by Aminar (thrid from left) and was witnessed by DOSH Kedah director Hairozie Asri, Perodua Sales managing director Datuk Dr Zahari Husin as well as Perodua Global Manufacturing president and Perodua Group Safety Committee chairman Datuk Ahmad Suhaimi Hashim.

KULIM: Perodua has launched its Zero Accident campaign for its 10,300 employees nationwide as part of the next phase in its Road Safety Campaign that was initially launched in October, 2017 to help reduce accidents on the road.

Under the Perodua Zero Accident campaign, the company is aiming for zero road accidents involving its staff travelling to and from their respective workplaces as well as zero industrial accidents while performing their respective duties by the year 2021.

“This is our first nationwide initiative among our staff, involving our manufacturing, sales and after-sales network, to set an example by being good drivers,” said Perodua president and chief executive officer Datuk Dr Aminar Rashid Salleh.

The campaign is supported by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) as well as the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO). Both organisations are under the Ministry of Human Resources.

“While reduction and even elimination of industry-related accidents has always been the core focus of our Occupational, Health and Safety rules, we are now expanding that focus to include travel outside our premises.

“We believe the cultivation of good driving habits begins at home and we want to inculcate as much education on safe and responsible driving into our staff so that they would be a good example to all,” added Aminar.

The campaign will be launched in stages beginning Aug 13 until the end of the year.

Datuk Aminar also said that Perodua hopes to take learning points from this campaign and integrate it into the larger five-year Perodua Road Safety Campaign.

The Perodua Road Safety Campaign aims to reduce road accidents by educating drivers of the need to understand and obey basic road rules and courtesies such as the importance of wearing seatbelts, why child car seats are essential, the significance of using directional indicators and why mobile devices are a driver’s worst enemy.

“We use education as the approach because we believe most Malaysian drivers are aware of the rules and courtesies but may not understand the reasons behind them. Education will certainly take longer but once they fully understand the reasons behind the rules, the impact will be stronger,” said Aminar.