Polestar 1 performance to be tested in public

By RELAXNEWS | 13 June 2018

LONDON: A lot has been said and written over the last year about the Polestar 1, the all-new performance hybrid from the performance arm of Volvo, and it's already been displayed at motor shows all around the world.

What we haven't seen so far is the car actually showing us what it can do in terms of its performance, but that's all going to change in July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed hill climb event in Britain.

A few things need to be stated first though. The car that will be gracing the annual event will not be a production model, but will instead be prototype No. 004 driven by Polestar chief test driver Joakim Rydholm. It will also be camouflaged a little like the test mules we see spy shots of when they're being put through their paces on public roads or at the Nurburgring.


But if you are interested in buying a production version at some point, there will be two production-specification versions on display at the show too. It will also be a chance for those who have already put deposits down to see what they're actually buying as deliveries are not set to start until the middle of next year.

This first model from the newly spun-off performance hybrid and EV brand will cost from €155,000 (about RM728,000 at current rates) when it finally goes on sale in Europe in the middle of 2019. Having said that, on sale is probably not exactly correct as customers will buy the car through a monthly subscription instead of buying outright. That figure will cover far more than just the vehicle itself though, as the subscription model also includes things such as maintenance.


The 592bhp performance hybrid has now completed around two weeks of testing, where the focus was on its drivetrain, batteries and torque vectoring system. The tests were concluded in the Arctic Circle so the hybrid system could be placed under pressure in temperatures that went as low as -28 C.

In the meantime, the Polestar 1 can be seen close-up and being put through its paces at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from July 12-15.