Porsche puts the 911 on stilts as rugged, high-riding Dakar

By dpa | 17 November 2022

LOS ANGELES: In the era of SUVs, a low sports car like the 911 is a tough sell - so why not just give it more mud-plugging material? That's the current thinking of Porsche, which is turning its cult car into a luxury off-roader.

In doing so, they are also commemorating a spectacular performance in what was probably the world's toughest rally in 1984 and naming the special model the 911 Dakar.

Presented at the Los Angeles car show (Nov 18 to 27), the 911 Dakar is getting a limited run of 2,500 models, now available for pre-order.

As to be expected, the price is more than just high: A road-legal rally 911 costs more than €220,000 (RM1mil) in its home market of Germany.


Where buyers have lots of cash, they will also need little environmental awareness, as Porsche puts fuel consumption of this gas guzzling off-roader at 11.3 litres with CO2 emissions of 256 g/km.

Anyone who can pay an additional €26,061 (RM124,000) will get a Rally Design Package, which is modelled on the original racing car with special paintwork and corresponding lettering.

With four-wheel drive and 480hp, the Dakar is jacked up high like an off-road car and is equipped with wide wheel arches, roof racks and rugged tyres.

Porsche lets you increase the ground clearance by another 3cm at the push of a button, giving you a similar amount of space under the car as in the Macan or Cayenne, Porsche says.


And if even that is not enough, special sheet metal on the underbody provides additional protection in rough terrain. Porsche is offering a special roof rack with additional headlights for extra visibility during expeditions into the unknown.

And if you really want to venture far into the wilderness, you can even pitch a roof tent on it.

Inside, on the other hand, less is more. The rear bench is missing, and sporty bucket seats are fitted in the front. According to Porsche, the 911 Dakar weighs 1,605kg and is thus only 10kg heavier than a Carrera 4 GTS.


The all-wheel drive is powered by the familiar three-litre six-cylinder boxer engine, from which two turbochargers extract 480hp, accelerating the rugged sports car from 0 to 100kph in 3.4 seconds.

In addition, there are two special driving programmes for rally and off-road. Porsche says that given the limits of the more rugged tyres, the Dakar tops out at 240kph.