Proton records positive sales in August

By RIZAL JOHAN | 3 September 2020

PETALING JAYA: Proton posted its second best month of the year in August with 11,378 units sold, a reduction of 14% from July but still an improvement of 24.7% over the same month in 2019.

Market share for the month is forecast at 21.6% while year-to-date market share is estimated to be slightly higher at 21.7%.


The Proton models with high sales figures for August are the Saga, X70 and Persona.

The Proton X70 remains as the best-selling SUV in Malaysia, extending its lead further in the segment.

“Proton is pleasantly surprised by how quickly we have been able to recover the lost sales during the MCO period, as it only took us three months to get back on track. By exceeding our YTD volume in August 2019 we are quietly confident of recovery from the headwinds of COVID-19.

"The positive effect this has on the company, our employees and the vendor community cannot be understated and we hope to continue this trend until the end of the year so as to give the automotive industry ecosystem a strong boost,” said Chief Executive Officer, Proton Edar, Roslan Abdullah.

Proton has posted sales of 61,672 in 2020 so far.