Proton announces 12.6% hike in sales

By CARSIFU | 2 November 2018

SUBANG JAYA: Proton has announced that following a month of market correction in September, due to the introduction of the Sales and Service Tax (SST), sales for PROTON cars grew by 12.6% in October.

In fact, a total of 5,093 units were sold, marking an increase of 569 units over the previous month and a slight improvement over the corresponding period in 2017.

Market share as a percentage of the Total Industry Volume (TIV) is estimated at 10.7% which is in line with the average figure for the year.

Sales growth fuelled by promotions and quality improvements While the local carmaker's overall market share contracted in October.

Proton X70 SUV

The sales volume it achieved is the highest for 2018 outside of the bumper sales period from June – September, which was fuelled by a zero percent GST tax environment.

With the much-hyped Proton X70 launch only occurring later in the year, the growth points towards customers showing renewed interests in the current range of Proton cars. At current buyers can enjoy zero percent SST pricing for all models.

“PROTON is the only car manufacturer in Malaysia to adopt a zero SST pricing policy for all its current models. We aim to deliver better value for money to our customers by making ownership of a Proton car more affordable.

"Therefore, over the final two months of 2018 we are offering rebates of up to RM3,000 and will increase our participation in road shows and carnivals to ensure we reach as many Malaysian car buyers as possible,” said PROTON Edar chief executive officer Abdul Rashid Musa.

Proton November (2018) promotion