Rainbow-themed Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

By CARSIFU | 22 May 2020

LONDON: Bentley has defined two versions of the symbol of hope during the Covid-19 crisis – the rainbow – through seven of its own vibrant paint colours available as part of Bentley spectrum, and a unique Bentley Mulliner Bacalar.

A recent online competition for Bentley staff and their families to design their own Bentley Mulliner Bacalar resulted in a beautiful rainbow-themed winner.

The extremely rare and exclusive Barchetta-style Bacalar relaunches true coachbuilding at Bentley Mulliner, and while real-world production is limited to just 12 cars, anyone is able to imagine their dream specification from Bentley’s unrivalled spectrum of interior and exterior colours.

Judged by Bentley’s director of design, Stefan Sielaff, a winner was selected for both the exterior and interior.

The exterior winner was Eleanor, whose vibrant rainbow-themed concept reflected the current situation with a symbol of gratefulness and hope.