Rare XL-Bentleys come up for sale after years in storage

By DPA | 4 August 2021

LONDON: Five stretched Bentley Mulliner limousines have been put up for sale by the luxury maker six years after they were delivered and went straight into storage in the United Arab Emirates.

The opulent Mulliner Mulsanne Grand Limousines were handbuilt at the Crewe factory in 2015 and have not turned a wheel since being shipped to their destination.

The British marque said interested parties can now buy the bespoke, time-capsule limos. Bentley is tight-lipped about prices but customers can expect to pay at least US$500,000 (RM2.1mil) to own one.

Mulsanne Grand Limousine - 6

The headline feature is a rear cabin with four separate seats, including two rear-facing ones so that passengers in the back can talk face-to-face.

Other fine touches include micro-climate-air-conditioning, a drinks cabinet, bottle chiller and crystal champagne flutes and tumblers.

Between the two cockpit seats and the four rear seats is an electrochromic "smart glass" divider which can be switched from transparent to opaque within seconds to ensure complete privacy.

Mulsanne Grand Limousine - 8

Bentley stopped making the Mulsanne in 2020, which makes the five cars special. The range-topping XL version is 1 metre longer than the standard issue and has an extra 79mm of headroom in the rear.

The cars are available in a range of colours, including red, black two-tone silver and blue. There was no word on who first ordered the machines, but the maker says the cars were never registered.

Mulsanne Grand Limousine - 5

Mulsanne Grand Limousine - 4