Scammers targeting motorists with 'accident'

By THE STAR | 28 February 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: Motorists beware – scammers have taken to the roads in search of victims.

The scammers, usually on motorcycles, will intentionally hit your car and then claim that it was your fault. They also claimed they are hurt, their machine is damaged and demand compensation.

This was exactly what happened to a saleswoman known only as Wong, 32, just as she headed out for a meeting last Friday morning.

“I was driving from Jalan Sultan Ismail towards Mid Valley (Megamall) along Jalan Kuching when I heard a thud.

“I continued driving and when I stopped at a traffic jam, a motorcyclist waved at me and gestured that I had hit him.

“The man introduced himself as Jay Lim and suggested we settle the issue and demanded RM1,000 from me after contacting a repairman,” she told reporters at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department here yesterday.

She said the motorcyclist then told her he was going to report the incident as a working accident, so that he could claim Socso compensation and requested her to pretend to be his cousin.

“I also received a message from a woman on WhatsApp claiming to be an accounts clerk from the motorcyclist’s company to pass me the bank account details,” she said, adding that she finally transferred the RM1,000 to the account.

She said she was later contacted by the motorcyclist claiming that his medical fees had reached RM670 and his motorcycle repairs cost RM2,450 and required a further RM1,450 cash from her.

“I banked in the cash in two transactions and then he contacted me again claiming that he needed another RM878 and RM300 banked in two separate bank accounts.

“I felt something fishy was going on and refused to answer his calls after this and I received a message asking for RM3,078 cash,” she said, adding that when she refused, the motorcyclist and another person started threatening to viral the incident on social media and the news.

MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong said he has received three other similar reports.

“Motorists should be aware that in case of any accident, they should go to the nearest police station and lodge a police report.

“If they are asking for compensation, tell them that once a police report is lodged, compensation claims would be dealt with by the insurance companies,” he said.