Six screens, 12 cameras: Audi car tech to run on new Samsung chip

By DPA | 7 January 2019

BERLIN: If you've ever thought your car could use more screens, then Samsung's latest collaboration with Audi could please you. The South Korean tech giant's latest chip to power in-car tech allows support for up to six screens across the car's interior.

But who really needs that many displays in their car?

Well, if you want the digital version of a cluster display, a central information display, rear-seat entertainment screens and wing mirror screens all running at the same time, then you'll need Samsung's latest Exynos Auto V9 chip.

Set to appear in Audi's next in-car infotainment system in 2021, the chip also allows the car to connect up to 12 cameras to show footage from blind spots outside the car on up to six screens dotted around the interior.

The Audi e-tron prototype on the stage in the Royal Danish Playh

Meanwhile Samsung says the chip's built-in neural processing unit allows you to control your car via a digital assistant using your voice or gesture controls, making room for another growing trend in high-tech cars.

Samsung also announced plans to deliver the tech behind the wing mirrors in Audi's first all-electric car. The forthcoming e-tron will feature a high-contrast OLED screen from Samsung that shows a feed from a camera where an analogue wing mirror normally would sit.

As modern cars increasingly switch conventional mirrors for cameras, the integration of an OLED screen should make for even better visibility by providing sharper contrast than the more common and affordable LCD screen.