Skoda already planning eRS models

By RELAXNEWS | 21 July 2018

Skoda's Vision E concept.

PRAGUE: Even though we're still a considerable way away from the point where Skoda's first all-electric car goes on sale, the company is already making plans for highly desirable RS versions of its electric vehicles.

Skoda has a proud history of producing impressive RS performance versions of its mainstream models, and the UK's Auto Express reports the all-electric vehicles will be getting similar treatment.

The manufacturer's first EV will be a production version of the Vision E concept that was extremely well received at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show, though the model won't come to market until late 2020.


The EV will be based on the same Volkswagen Group MEB platform that underpins the upcoming VW I.D. hatchback. Alain Favey, Skoda's board member for sales and marketing, confirmed to Auto Express that there are already plans in place for electric versions of the vRS, which will predictably be labelled eRS.

Favey said, "The logic is the same – it's not about performance as such. Our most powerful engine is 245bhp so by any stretch of imagination we're not talking about challenging Ferrari."

Unfortunately, it seems Skoda will only offer a single battery output with its EV. That suggests any eRS version will have to concentrate on handling and aesthetic enhancements rather than offering seriously upgraded performance.

"It's about the look, it's about the sporty feeling when you're driving the car, it's about the seats, it's about the experience and I think that's what our customers like," said Favey.

"It's about the experience and that's something we can do very well in our future electric cars. Definitely, we will have RS versions of our electric cars – it's part of our brand."

One thing to look forward with the upcoming Skoda EV is the range of more than 480km on a fully charged battery. But this will come at a cost, as it's expected to start at about £30,000 (RM160,000).