Solterra is Subaru's first all-electric SUV, due out in mid-2022

By CARSIFU | 12 May 2021

TOKYO: Subaru's all-new global battery electric SUV will be named Solterra and it is scheduled to go on sale in mid-2022.

Solterra is Subaru’s all-new, all-electric C-segment-class SUV and it will be the first Subaru vehicle to be built on the battery electric vehicle (BEV) dedicated e-Subaru Global Platform.

The e-Subaru Global platform, which has been jointly-developed by Subaru and Toyota, gives the car maker the ability to roll out various types of EVs efficiently by combining multiple modules and components, such as the front, centre and rear of a vehicle.

While the two companies have brought together their knowledge to create a completely new platform, Subaru have aimed to realise superior passive safety and vehicle stability, which Subaru has always been pursuing, also in this BEV dedicated platform.


Not only the platform, the Solterra has also been jointly-developed by Subaru and Toyota, and wide range of collaboration includes product planning, design and performance evaluation. In this development, the two companies combine their respective strengths, such as Subaru’s long-accumulated all-wheel-drive technology and Toyota’s outstanding vehicle electrification technology, to create a new SUV with attributes that only an all-electric vehicle can offer.

The name “Solterra” was created by joining the word “Sol” and “Terra”, the Latin words for the “Sun” and the “Earth” respectively.

Solterra will be joining Subaru's SUV line namely Ascent, Outback, Forester and XV. It will be sold in Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe and China.