Subaru sets the date for BRZ reveal and teases more details

By JAY WONG | 5 November 2020

LOS ANGELES: Rumour has now turned to fact as Subaru reveals the launch date of its highly anticipated BRZ sports car and it's happening on Nov 8.

Thanks to a new teaser video from the Japanese carmaker, we've been given a few close up shots of the car from its spinning wheels, side skirts, exhaust note and an extremely distant shot of the entire car.

Information regarding this little sports car is still kept under lock and key so far with another two more weeks to go.

But what we do know so far is that car won't be departing too far from its original looks although the company says its practically a new car.

There will still be that signature "boxer" engine to be found under the hood which sounds naturally aspirated and should be mated to either a manual or automatic gearbox.

So for now, holding your breath until you pass out won't get any more information, until Nov 18 that is.