Survey: Today's kids picture their first car as a flying electric

By dpa | 12 October 2021

HAMBURG: The next generation of drivers are dreaming of climate-friendly cars that can take to skies fitted with comfy seats and a good sound system, a survey by the Ford Motor Company has found.

The answers showed that eight and nine-year-old children are very concerned about climate protection too, with 49 per cent of 500 surveyed children saying they hoped to sit behind the wheel of an electric car when learning to drive.

Only 17 per cent favoured a petrol-powered set of wheels while diesel was preferred by 10 per cent and gas by seven per cent of those children surveyed.

The results prompted the Blue Oval to build the mock-up of an electric-powered flying car called the Future Generation Concept with a dream specification and a striking red and black colour scheme which proved to be the most popular combination.

When specifying their perfect wheels, the majority of those surveyed wanted a vehicle that can take to the sky and fly.

Comfortable seats were a big priority (36 per cent) as was a good sound system (27 per cent). Almost a quarter (24 per cent) wanted self-driving ability and environmentally friendly features (32 per cent).

"It's clear that today's children have their wonderful imagination, but they're also sensible at the same time," said Alice Swallow, Senior Innovation Engineer at Ford.

"They want their car to fly and be fun, but they're also very keen on future mobility being sustainable and safe."

Almost three quarters of 2,000 adults (70 per cent) asked by Ford feel it is their responsibility to lay the foundation of sustainable mobility for the next generation, but two thirds feel the government needs to do more to educate on electrification.