Swiss police switch from Mercedes to Tesla for patrol vehicles

By DPA | 10 December 2018

GENEVA: Switzerland's police force has unveiled a blue, yellow and white 525-hp Tesla X 100D models as its new staple for patrols from spring 2019.

Switzerland announced its Alarmpikett police force would update its squad, currently comprised largely of Mercedes models, with Tesla electric-powered vehicles kitted with radio equipment and blue lights starting next year.

The cars cost 140,000 Swiss francs (RM592,000) each — which is 50,000 francs (RM212,000) more that comparable diesel vehicles — but the reduced operating and maintenance fees mean they are the cheaper option overall, said police commander Martin Roth.

Tesla Model X_2019 Swiss police force (3)

The Teslas can drive for a distance of around 85km after only one hour of charging. They will be used on patrol and for car chases.

The Basel police will have around 190 Tesla vehicles in its fleet, four of which won't be added until the autumn.

Several countries already use Teslas for their police forces, including in the US cities Denver and Los Angeles, Canada's Ontario and in Luxembourg.

Until now, the force has largely been powered by upgraded version of the Mercedes E350 4-matic T-Modell estate.

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