Tesla recalling 53,000 cars to fix faulty brakes

By AFP | 21 April 2017

SAN FRANCISCO: Tesla is recalling 53,000 cars to address a manufacturing defect that could prevent parking brakes from releasing, the company said Thursday.

Tesla described the move as a "voluntary" recall taken after determining that Model S and X vehicles manufactured between February and October of last year "may contain a small gear that could have been manufactured improperly by our third-party supplier," the company said on its website.

There have been no reports of accidents or injuries relating to the defect.

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"However, in order to be overly cautious, we are going to be proactively replacing these parts to ensure that no issues arise," the company said.

The recall comes as Tesla remains close with General Motors as the US automaker with the highest market capitalisation.

Some analysts have expressed scepticism about the meteoric rise in Tesla shares given that the company still sells only a fraction of cars compared with GM or Ford.

Tesla has a market capitalisation of about US$50.1 billion, around $1.2 billion below that of GM's.

> In Malaysia, new Model S units are being leased by government body Greentech Malaysia to a restricted clientele such as non-government bodies and groups associated with Greentech. Second-hand Model S are also available in Malaysia via grey importers.