Tesla's Cybertruck to be built in Texas

By JAY WONG | 23 July 2020

WASHINGTON: Tesla has announced that it will build its Cybertruck factory near Austin, Texas in the US to end the competition with neighbouring Oklahoma.

The announcement, by the electric carmaker’s chief executive, Elon Musk that the USD$1.1bil (RM4.4bil) facility spanning across a 2,000-acre site will be located along the Colorado River.

Not only will it take about 13 minutes to drive from Austin to the plant, Musk said that it will also be a future "ecological paradise" that's "open to the public".

However, the state of Oklahoma isn't out of the running just yet, with Musk indicating that it could be a site to consider for the company's future production.

The plant-to-be will build the company's new Cybertruck, the heavy-duty Semi truck as well as the Model 3 and Model Y cars for eastern North America.

The two states that were initially vying for the production site had offered attractive incentive packages, including more than USD$10mil (RM44mil) in terms of tax breaks to attract the all-electric carmaker.

According to Tesla, the plant would help to create at least 5,000 jobs in Texas, while Oklahoma officials were told at least 7,000 jobs in the short term and up to 20,000 positions in the future.