Testers give airbag jackets high marks in protecting motorcyclists

By DPA | 1 August 2020

BERLIN: For motorcyclists, any chance to minimise damage from an accident is worth it, and according to a test by a European motoring association, airbag jackets fit the bill, offering extra protection.

The ADAC tested three different models, all of which it ranked as "good." The airbag jackets required about 80 milliseconds from the initial impact until full inflation. Were the motorcyclists to crash into a car, the protection would be there in time, found the ADAC.

The new models have their own independent sensor technology and can also be used autonomously - no more extra components on the bike.

There were just a few minor differences in handling and repair.

For example, the eVest from Held/In&Motion, which costs around 750 euros, can be repaired by the user after being triggered. The other two models - Tech-Air Street-e System from Alpinestars at 850 euros and the D-Air Street Smart JKT from Dainese at 600 euros - must be serviced by the manufacturer or a dealer.

It's worth noting that the model from Dainese is the only one that could also be combined with any suitable protective clothing.