Texters the most hated drivers, says Expedia survey

By RELAXNEWS | 13 May 2015

SEATTLE: Do you text and drive? Not only are you likely breaking local traffic laws, but you're also the scourge of fellow drivers, according to a US poll that ranked the most infuriating driving behaviours.

Released in advance of Memorial Day in the US and Victoria Day in Canada - the weekend that unofficially kick-starts the launch of summer and road tripping - the results of Expedia's 2015 Road Rage Report break down the most hated drivers on the road.

For the second year in a row, The Texter, outranked tailgaters and "left lane hogs", by a mile, with more than a quarter (26%) of the 1,000 respondents agreeing that those who dare to text and drive are the worst violators of road etiquette.

Tailgaters, those annoying and dangerous drivers with serious personal space and patience issues, ranked second at 13%, followed closely (pun intended) by The Left Lane Hog; (12%);The Crawler; (10%) and The Multitasker, (7%).

Sadly, when it comes to how drivers perceive others and how they perceive themselves, the numbers don't add up.

For while the majority (97%) of respondents said they consider themselves "careful" drivers, 61% admit to speeding, 29% admit to tailgating, and a quarter of Americans admit to talking on their mobile phone while driving.

Passengers, meanwhile, may want to take note to refrain from backseat-driving which was cited as the top peeve by more than half (52%) of respondents.

At the other end of the spectrum, the "reluctant co-pilot" - the lazy passenger who leaves all the navigating to the driver and won't open a map - ranked second, followed by the radio hog, "snoozer", "shoe remover" and "snacker".

Meanwhile, New York drivers appear to have the worst reputation in the country, with 42% of respondents naming the city home to the rudest drivers, followed by Los Angeles (32%) and Chicago (18%).

Here's a breakdown of the biggest driver pet peeves

1. The Texter (26%)
2. The Tailgater (13%)
3. The Left-Lane Hog (12%)
4. The Crawler (10%)
5. The Multitasker (7%)
6. The Drifter (7%)
7. The Inconsiderate (6%)
8. The Swerver (5%)
9. The Speeder (4%)
10.The Unappreciative (3%)
11. The Honker (2%)
12. The Red Light Racer (1%)