This is why you should never wear flip-flops when driving

By dpa | 14 August 2017

BERLIN: Nobody wants to wear closed shoes on a hot day, but drivers should resist the temptation to leave their toes on show - and not just because open shoes make driving more difficult, experts say.

Flip-flops and other slip-on shoes can easily slip off the pedals or get jammed against them, according to German consumer advice centre GVI. And, more worryingly, they may not offer enough support if a driver has to hit the brakes suddenly.

But there is also another reason why drivers should wear closed shoes at all times: if you have an accident while wearing unsuitable shoes, you could face criminal charges, since improper footwear while driving could be seen to go against the driver's obligation to exercise due diligence.

This could also lead to problems with insurance. While most insurance will cover damages independently of the driver's footwear, there could be a reduction in comprehensive coverage if the driver is deemed to have been negligent. (In Malaysia, both the criminal and insurance aspects of wearing unsuitable footwear have arguably not been reported.)