This office chair was developed with car manufacturing tech

By ETX Daily Up | 18 November 2022

PARIS: With the aim of bringing attention to all the technologies on board the brand's latest electric models, Norwegian designers working for Volkswagen have developed an office chair that brings them all together.

It is even capable of driving at up to 20kph.

This project was created as a showcase of the German manufacturer's know-how.

Beyond the prototype, which is one of a kind and obviously not intended to go to retail, and the buzz it's generating, this seat incorporates many innovations that can be found, at another level, in the latest Volkswagen models.

This office chair is equipped with a motor that allows it to reach a top speed of 20kph.

It also has a range of 12km, enough for going around an open space several times. This unusual creation has five wheels and two aluminum pedals, a control screen and a touch screen.

Add to that the presence of a rearview camera and 360-degree sensors, as well as headlights, turn signals and a USB charger.

The seat is heated, the armrests act as speakers and it even has a mini trunk where you can store your PC or various work documents.

Like any Volkswagen designed for the road, this office chair combines comfort and safety.

And just like when you're in the car, don't forget to put on your seatbelt before driving it!