Tinted windows: Minister says police views in 2014 workshop were considered

By THE STAR | 9 May 2019

PUTRAJAYA: The Transport Ministry took into consideration the views of the police before changing the ruling on tinted rear car windows based on workshop findings in 2014, says its minister Anthony Loke.

It also amended the ruling based on international regulations.

According to the Transport Minister, they took into account the findings of a workshop organised in 2014, in which the police also contributed their views.

“Some supported our move, and some didn’t — we respect all their views, but what has been decided upon has already taken into account all considerations and factors to amend the ruling,” he said.

Azisman said he had felt “slighted” that the matter was not discussed thoroughly with them.

Loke said the new ruling on tinted windows fell under the jurisdiction of the Transport Ministry, and any amendment to the ruling was under the Road Transport Act.

The workshop in 2014, he added, decided on amending the allowed Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) level for rear windows from 50% to 30%.

VLT refers to the amount of light that passes through a lens or glass. The lower the VLT rate, the more light is blocked out.

Although conceding that no recent workshop had been organised on the matter, Loke said UN regulations did not specify a VLT level for rear windshield and windows.

“What we have decided (on regarding the VLT) is in line with international standards.

“For example, we are following Japan,” he told a press conference at the Transport Ministry headquarters today.

Meanwhile, he said a committee had been set up to approve applications for car owners to have all car windows tinted for security and health reasons.

He said this was to ensure there was no power abuse by the Transport Minister or the Director-General, especially as applicants had to pay RM5,000 if permission was given.

“Anyone can apply, but that does not mean it will get approved. We will assess what kind of risk the person has,” he said.

The Transport Ministry announced on Wednesday (May 8) that car owners could tint their rear windshield and rear passenger seats as dark as they wanted.

Previously, car owners were only allowed to tint their rear windows down to the 30% VLT levels.

Additionally, motorists who preferred to have all their windows fully tinted for security and health reasons had to apply for permission to do so.