Tokyo Motor Show 2019: Mazda CX-8 updated in Japan

By CARSIFU | 23 October 2019

TOKYO: The Mazda CX-8 three-row crossover SUV has been updated in Japan, and extra kit includes a new Off-Road Traction Assist for all-wheel drive models, as well as USB ports for third-row seats.

To recap, in Malaysia, the CX-8 comes in four variants (three 2.5-litre petrol and one 2.2-litre diesel) and prices will be announced later by local Mazda distributor Bermaz Motor.

The CX-8, which sits between the Mazda CX-5 and CX-9 in terms of size, can comfortably seat six or seven adults.

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Updates to the Mazda CX-8

- Off-Road Traction Assist

AWD models feature the newly developed Off-Road Traction Assist. This system works with the traction control system to maximize the transmission of driving force to the wheels in contact with the ground and smoothly extract the vehicle if it becomes stuck unexpectedly on a rough road, thus providing safe and reassuring performance on various road surfaces.

Enhanced comfort and quietness

- WVGA center display increased from seven to eight inches

- Rain noise is reduced with a damping coating applied to the roof

More rear luggage room

- In the luggage area, the sub-trunk box is now big enough to accept a pop-up sunshade lying flat. Even with the third-row seat in use, the trunk can accommodate four carry-on bags

- The size of the sub-trunk box is increased (84 liters without Bose sound system (+ 19 liters); (56 liters with Bose sound system (+ 8 liters)).