Tokyo Motor Show 2019: Toyota unveils Tokyo 2020 Version e-Palette

By HONG BOON HOW | 23 October 2019

TOKYO: Toyota has unveiled the "Tokyo 2020 Version" e-Palette that has been adapted to meet the unique needs of the Olympic and Paralympic villages.

This autonomous driving vehicle now features large doors and electric ramps to allow athletes, including Paralympians, to board quickly and easily.

The vehicle will be controlled by an automated driving system capable of operating up to 20kph at SAE level 4 and upported by an on-board safety operator.

Deploying the e-Palette to support athlete and staff mobility is a key element of Toyota's programme to provide advanced mobility solutions for Tokyo 2020 as the first worldwide mobility partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Toyota plans to leverage the knowledge gained from operating e-Palette at Tokyo 2020 to continue developing the vehicle to support future Mobility-as-a-Service applications.

With symmetric front and rear, a distinctive cube shape, and wheels at the four corners, the e-Palette offers expansive and comfortable interior space.

Its autonomous driving system consisting cameras and LiDAR constantly monitors a 360-degree field around the vehicle for obstacles.

It can carry 19 passengers or four wheelchairs and seven standing passengers.

It can go 150km on a single charge and maintains a low speed of 19kph.

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