Top picks from luxury carmakers 2015 holiday collections

By RELAXNEWS | 16 November 2015

LONDON: From Bentley, BMW, Jaguar and Porsche, what the premium motoring marques are offering as holiday gifts for the car-obsessed.


Alongside a new SUV, Bentley unveiled some 300 new gift items to add to its already extensive Bentley Collection at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. And just in time for the holiday season, the company has produced a list of the 10 items that it thinks will be the biggest hit with "brand connoisseurs and luxury motoring enthusiasts."

Among its recommendations are a set of cufflinks in the same shape as the gearshifter in its new flagship Bentayga SUV, a cashmere blanket perfect for taking to outdoor equestrian events, and a set of his and hers matching scarves featuring the iconic Birkin Spot. One of the original gentleman racing Bentley boys, Tim Birkin's cars featured the iconic spot livery and it has become historically significant with racing and refinement.

Porsche has for many years been established as a design house as well as a maker of superlative sportscars and the company's emblem is on everything from outerwear to special edition BlackBerry smartphones. For this holiday season, the company is offering everything from all-day track experiences at Silverstone race circuit to wine coolers built to resemble the air cooled engines that powered the classic 911s of the 1960s, 70s and 80s.


Other new additions to the collection include a range of Porsche design Swiss watches, a selection of teddy bears dressed in authentic Porsche racing suits and a set of more practical accessories including iPad cases, a computer mouse and scale models of the Porsche 911.


BMW 's Motorsports arm has its own festive selection and this year it is 100 percent sartorially focused. It consists of new bags, shirts, waterproof and leather racing jackets plus a range or watches and sunglasses for him and her that offer in the company's words, the right blend of elegance and sportiness.


Jaguar Land Rover
Like BMW, Jaguar Land Rover 's latest collection is meant to be a reflection of its brand and its heritage. Therefore Jaguar is offering a set of very retro, late 1950s-style leather jackets and matching sports bags for boys and men, inspired by the XXSS racing car.

Meanwhile, as one would expect, practicality is to the fore with the latest Land Rover offerings which include goose down jackets, waterproof coats, luggage sets and, like Porsche, a special Land Rover cuddly toy -- Adventure Bear.