Toyota Fortuner gets EEV status costs up to RM16,000 less

By CARSIFU | 9 January 2017

SHAH ALAM: With immediate effect, the Malaysian Government has deemed the Toyota Fortuner an Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV), which means it gets a RM16,000 reduction (depending on variant) off its price.

With the reduction, the entry-level turbo-diesel Fortuner 2.4 VRZ is now priced on the road with GST and insurance at RM175,400 while the range-topping petrol-powered 2.7 SRZ is now at RM183,800.

"Since the announcement of the current National Automotive Policy in January 2014, UMW Toyota Motor has strived to support the policy and assembling EEVs demonstrates our commitment," said UMW Toyota Motor deputy chairman Akio Takeyama.

According to the company, the Fortuner was tuned to achieve high fuel-efficiency to allow owners to get more mileage out of the 80-litre fuel tank.

Following the price reduction, the Fortuner's specifications remain unchanged with the 2.7 SRZ maintaining its Bi-LED headlamps, Power Back Door, seven airbags, vehicle stability control and 6-speed sequential automatic transmission with paddle shifters to name a few.

Also maintained is the Fortuner's a five-year unlimited warranty, reinforced chassis frame, suspension revisions for comfort and improved sound insulation for a quieter cabin.

The Fortuner, launched in May 2016, received the full five-star crash rating by ASEAN New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) and was the best Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)/Crossover at the 2016 CarSifu Editors Choice awards.

“Besides meeting criteria relating to the fuel efficiency of the model, qualifying for EEV incentives also encompasses the level of investment made, transfer of technology, localisation of components, and economic contribution to the nation," said UMW Toyota Motor president Ravindran Kurusamy.

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