Toyota LQ wants to build an emotional bond with its driver

By CARSIFU | 11 October 2019

NAGOYA: Toyota Motor Corporation today announced the "LQ" concept vehicle that leverages on advanced technology to build an emotional bond between car and driver.

The LQ, a next generation of the Toyota "Concept-i", a concept vehicle first unveiled at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, is equipped with automated driving capabilities and "Yui", a powerful artificial intelligence-powered interactive agent designed to learn from the driver and deliver a personalized mobility experience.

Toyota LQ - 06

Able to fit a total of four occupants within its cabin thanks to its 2,700mm wheelbase, the 4,530mm-long, 1,840mm-wide and 1,480mm-tall electric vehicle at 1,680kg (kerb) is able to travel approximately up to 300km on a single charge.

As a mobility company, Toyota believes that when people are free to move, anything is possible.

This vision is built on an understanding that mobility goes beyond physical transportation to include the human need to be moved and engaged emotionally.

Toyota LQ - 07

The LQ follows this philosophy under a core development theme of "Learn, Grow, Love."

Yui and LQ's automated driving technology, both developed in partnership with Toyota Research Institute (TRI), combined to create a unique mobility experience that builds on the relationship between vehicle and driver by learning from and responding to individual preferences and needs.

The name expresses Toyota's hope that this approach will "cue" the development of future vehicles that enhance the relationship between car and driver.

Toyota LQ - 11

The LQ features an on-board artificial intelligence unit dubbed "Yui" that provides a personalized mobility experience based on the driver's emotional state and alertness.

In order to ensure safety and comfort, the AI can engage with the driver using interactive voice communications, in-seat functions designed to increase alertness or reduce stress, in-vehicle illumination, air conditioning, fragrances and other human-machine interactions (HMI).

The Yui artificial intelligence unit can also select and play music based on the driving environment and provide real-time information on topics of interest to the driver.

Toyota LQ - 09

Toyota LQ - 03