Two new Dunlop tyres launched

By RIZAL JOHAN | 5 March 2015

(From left) Henry, Chin, Shen and Sim at the launch of two new Dunlop tyres.

PETALING JAYA: Continental Tyre Malaysia has introduced two new Dunlop tyres - Dunlop Formula D05 and Dunlop SP Sport J5 - which have been designed specifically for the Malaysian climate especially during rainy and wet conditions.

“Travelling in the rain can be a nerve-wrecking experience, as such a tyre with superior wet weather traction can be a big safety benefit for drivers who need to travel at speed in wet conditions.

“Both our Dunlop tyres are engineered with German technology and designed with Malaysian road conditions in mind,” said national sales manager of Continental Tyre Malaysia, Sim Wee Chung.

Also present at the launch was chief executive officer Continental Tyre Malaysia, Benoit Henry; project manager Continental Tyre Shanghai, Jason Shen and product development engineer Continental Tyre Malaysia, Cornelius Chin.

Both Dunlop tyres have improved water dispersion rates for increased road contact and grip as well as enhanced braking performance.

The Dunlop Formula D05 line is available in 28 sizes ranging from 15in to 18in and is targeted for performance vehicles while the Dunlop SP Sport J5 has 17 sizes from 12in to 15in and is made for comfort.

Another new and innovative feature of the new tyres is the Sun and Rain tread depth indicator which is embossed on the tyre itself. Once both these indicators wear out, it’s time to change your tyres.

“With the new Dunlop tyres, we have tailored a product for a specific market which is Malaysia and is not available in any other country. This is Continental’s commitment to Malaysians,” said Henry.

The Dunlop Formula D05 and Dunlop SP Sport J5 tyres are available all over Malaysia in Continental Best Drive, Continental Stores, Dunlop Klinikar and Viking Stores.