Uber helps passengers politely request a silent ride

By RELAXNEWS | 16 May 2019

SAN FRANCISCO: A handful of new features have rolled out for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV in the US, allowing riders to not only customise the in-vehicle experience but also the human experience; within the app, you can now inform your rider that you're not in the mood to chat or will need a hand lifting your luggage.

Uber's Uber Black and Uber Black SUV brands are getting some new features that focus on improving the rider experience.

Already, those that request to be picked up by an Uber Black vehicle benefit from being escorted by a professional driver — with a commercial license — using a high-end black car (or SUV). As of May 15, riders who use this option can also let drivers know their conversation and temperature preferences, as well as if they need a hand with their luggage or a bit more time to be picked up.

You can let your driver know if you're not in the mood to speak before he or she arrives by selecting "Quiet Mode" within the Ride Preferences menu. Also within this list, you can note your preferred temperature and whether or not you have any bags.

Additionally, riders who opt for an Uber Black vehicle will have "a little extra time" to get to the vehicle once it arrives at the designated pickup area and will have access to premium phone support with live service agents.

These new features roll out this week to all Uber Black and Black SUV users in the United States