UK's CoDriver App said to solve unaccompanied test drives woes

By CARSIFU | 18 May 2020

LONDON: With the pandemic still in full-swing globally, UK-based Ignition has come up with an app that helps carmakers deliver specific information about the vehicle to those during unaccompanied test drives.

This comes in the wake of the British government's advice to avoid taking public transportation as businesses look forward to opening their doors soon with several predictions arising - one of which could see a rise in car sales.

An immediate consideration is how dealerships will manage the test drive while respecting social distancing measures which is to provide unaccompanied test drives, yet this remains a key differentiator for customers when deciding to purchase a vehicle.

Providing all-important information on features, technology and performance is an essential factor for customers to consider while hands-on with the vehicle which the CoDriver app is said to be able to provide.

The app is able to deliver pre-recorded content that activates along a pre-set route(s) based on the vehicle's GPS location which will allow drivers to absorb specific product information about the vehicle and is relatively easy to setup on Apple's iOS system.