Upgraded BMW iDrive with QuickSelect in X1 and iX1

By CARSIFU | 29 September 2023

MUNICH: From November 2023, the upgraded BMW iDrive with QuickSelect will be fitted as standard in all model variants of the new X1, the all-electric  iX1 and the new 2 Series Active Tourer.

The latest incarnation of the display and control/operation system is based on BMW Operating System 9 and is packaged together with the BMW Curved Display and BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

The new BMW iDrive features a redesigned home screen and the QuickSelect rapid-access tech, bringing an improved menu structure that takes its cue from consumer electronics devices.

The new home screen displays the navigation system’s map view or other individually configurable graphics in the control display at all times.

On the same level, function icons appear in a vertical arrangement on the driver’s side of the display.

P90522903_highRes_bmw-idrive-quicksele (Custom)

Drivers can switch between icons with a vertical swipe of the finger. The QuickSelect feature allows the function selected in this way to be activated directly without having to enter a submenu.

BMW Operating System 9 was developed in-house by the BMW Group and is based on an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) software stack for the first time.

It provides the basis for a broader offering of digital content that serves information and entertainment, shorter function update cycles and improved accessibility to a host of specific online services.

Also, the new BMW Digital Premium offering will be brought out in Germany in November 2023 alongside the introduction of BMW Operating System 9.


It will be available as an option for X1,  iX1 and 2 Series Active Tourer models and can be ordered from the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, which has now been expanded with the addition of further third-party apps.

This means customers can enjoy in-car use of all the apps available in their country, e.g. for video and music streaming, news or gaming, as part of a package.

In addition to this, BMW Digital Premium also includes enhanced navigation functions along with added customisation options, thanks to extra My Modes, for instance.

As with all other ConnectedDrive Upgrades, BMW Digital Premium can be obtained from the ConnectedDrive Store either on the website, in the My BMW App or directly in the car.

And, from November 2023, it will be even easier for customers to add ConnectedDrive Upgrades, as it will then be possible to not just select them directly from their vehicle, but to pay for them at the same time.

Fabian Kirchbauer Photography

In other words, instead of being redirected to the app or Internet to complete their order, customers will be able to carry out the entire process, including payment, from the comfort of their car.

A new form of in-car gaming unique in the automotive sector is one of the highlights of BMW Digital Premium.

BMW is presenting a wide selection of casual games that use a smartphone as the controller in collaboration with the AirConsole gaming platform.

The games can be played in either solo or multiplayer mode when the vehicle is stationary as a way of passing the time while e.g. waiting for the high-voltage battery in the iX1 or the 2 Series Active Tourer plug-in hybrid models to recharge.

About 10 titles will initially be available to play, including racing, sport, quiz and skill games, and the range will continue to grow.