US man kicks Audi R8 V10 for 'being too loud'

By CARSIFU | 11 July 2018

Nan Lin, the actor and whose car was attacked. His R8 V10 was modified to produce 770hp. — Nan Lin/Instagram

SAN FRANCISCO: Don't go looking for trouble. That advice certainly went over the head of a man who on Saturday kicked an Audi R8 V10 on the street for "being too loud".

Seriously, if you don't respect other people and their prized possessions, you are just setting yourself up for some pain. On the flip side, people are more irritated than impressed by cars modified to be loud and noisy so that could have been a trigger for a guy who had a lousy day.

Anyway, the Audi owner, up-and-coming actor Nan Lin, was naturally miffed and jumped out of his red car to see if it had been dented or scratched.

An altercation ensued between Nan Lin and the unnamed Caucasian. and fists started flailing on the street of San Mateo in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Asian actor was no pushover and landed a few blows on the other man before members of the public intervened including another man who did a flying tackle into Nan Lin, ostensibly to break up the scuffle.

It would have been all too easy to describe this inflammatory incident as a racial conflict, and indeed social media was quick to oblige. But let's see it for what it is: troublemaker/bully goes looking for trouble, gets more than he bargained for and is shamed for his action. More so when he was seen holding the hand of a young girl, believed to be his daughter, who would have been traumatised from seeing an ugly side of her dad.

Nan Lin later told NextShark, a news publication covering Asian Americans and Asia, to give his side of the story. He admitted the attacker "was probably pissed because of the exhaust sounds". He said he had wanted to detain the man and make a police report against vandalism. Things got out of hand and a fight broke out.

In the end, police arrived, and defused the situation. Both men did not press charges against each other on police advice.

Apart from the 770hp R8 V10 tuned by ESS, Nan Lin — who starred in the 2018 flick Ghostbox Cowboy — also owns a Range Rover Velar.

Nan Lin's Velar and R8 V10.
Nan Lin's Velar and R8 V10. - Nan Lin/Facebook