US startup Tarform unveils new electric m-cycle

By RELAXNEWS | 17 October 2018

NEW YORK: US motorcycle startup Tarform unveiled its new electric motorcycle in the Brooklyn Naval yard here after weeks of dark and ambiguous Instagram pics.

According to a report by Electrek, the CEO and co-founder of Tarform, Taras Kravtchouk, designed the bike himself relying on his industrial design and motorcycle design background.

He wanted to create something that combined the public's emerging interest in electric transportation with the trending development of vintage motorcycles and the result was the first Tarform motorbike.

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The battery pack of this model has a range of 145km in urban areas and 80km on the highway, and a complete charge requires four hours.

If you're not happy with the distance this bike can go, however, the modular platform that the motorcycles are built around makes for easy customisation, so later on when a battery with a wider range become available, it'll be a breeze to swap.

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Tarform has also integrated some smart features to improve performance and track the bike's health. If there is an issue with any operation, an alert will be sent to your smartphone where you can directly set up an appointment.

You can pre-order the motorcycle, which is expected to cost US$18,000 (RM75,000), without commitment and without a deposit on their website, as well as reserve a '"Founder's Edition" collectors unit for US$500 (RM2,073). The latter is expected to be delivered next year but the standard bike won't be in production until 2019.

American motorcycle brand Harley Davidson is also set to debut an electric model; after revealing more information about its LiveWire model in September, the brand is planning a launch in 2019.

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