Use a hairdryer to get rid of stickers on your bumper or windscreen

By DPA | 14 September 2018

BERLIN: to pay for road tolls, some countries require drivers to pay for a small sticker that goes on their windscreen. But when they start to collect and become an eyesore, or if you regret putting a silly bumper sticker on your car, what’s the best way to get rid of them?

In most cases, if a sticker has been on a car or its windscreen for a few years or less, it can usually just be peeled off. For older stickers, a powerful hairdryer can help loosen them up. “This way, the sticker gets warmed up enough that you can grab hold of it well,” says paint care specialist Christian Petzoldt.

The heat softens the adhesive and makes the plastic flexible, which you can then pull off diagonally. When removing the heated sticker, a plastic ice scraper can also come in handy, but be sure to scrape carefully on the windscreen to avoid scratches.

Mineral oil can be dabbed on any glue residues or pieces of stickers still stuck to the car’s finish – after a few minutes, these can simply be rubbed off. For adhesive residue on the windscreen, commercial brake cleaner with acetone can help. Avoid spraying it directly onto the pane, however, and instead spray it sparingly onto a cloth before wiping down the glass.