VinFast's all-electric bus gets deployed in Vietnam

By JAY WONG | 21 October 2020

HANOI: VinFast, Vietnam's first automaker, has announced that it has successfully tested its first environmentally-friendly electric bus.

Posing with a green and black livery with its "V" logo prominently placed at the front while sporting a "Green" logo on the bottom right corner and an electronic LED board.

The Vietnamese carmaker has affirmed its decision to venture into the manufacturing of electric vehicles that gives off no emissions and is virtually silent.

The first VinFast electric buses will be operated by VinBus Transportation Services Company Limited (under Vingroup).

VinFast VinBus - 04

VinBus will launch its VinBus App which cooperates with VinID to access the Hanoi's bus network to help its customers search for their optimal route(s).

The electric bus uses an electric motor block located at the rear, the sides are designed with steel plates with openings running across the body that both work to dissipate heat and create a highlight for the exterior.

The battery pack is able to provide 281.9kWh and can be fully charged in two hours via a 150kW charging station and can operate up to 260km.

For safety and convenience, the electric bus comes equipped with a driver behavioural system that detects driver distraction, drowsiness and fatigue among others.

VinFast VinBus - 05

There will also be free Wifi, an infotainment screens, USB charging ports, Security Camera, Dashcam, reverse camera and a CCTV for the right side of the bus when parking.

VinBus will now focus their efforts in operating within Hanoi's city centre, Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc with a fleet of up to 200 buses.

The fleet is expected to operate from 5.00am to 10.00pm daily with riders taking up to 20 minutes per commute.

In 2019, VinGroup announced the establishment of VinBus Transport Services Co Ltd with an investment of about USD43mil (RM180mil) to begin operating within the public transport sector under a non-profit model.

The company reiterated that all of its profits will be reinvested by the company to develop its internal systems, expand its operational area and improve service quality - while reducing air and noise pollution in Vietnam's major cities.