VW kicks off new chapter with updated logo

By RELAXNEWS | 10 September 2019

FRANKFURT: In a preview before the first Frankfurt Motor Show press day, Volkswagen unveiled their redesigned brand logo representing the company's fully electric and connected future.

As defined by the company, "Volkswagen's future is electric, fully connected and has a neutral carbon balance" - an ambition represented by the debut of the all-electric ID.3.

In terms of logo design, the emblem is now two-dimensional and has been reduced to nothing but its foundational lines. The purpose behind this simplification is application flexibility, especially for digital applications.

The new Volkswagen approach is not only emulated in upcoming vehicle designs, but the company also states that it can be felt in customer contacts and "in the brand presentation as a whole."

By the middle of next year, the brand's transition to the New Volkswagen design is expected to be complete.

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