What's in a name? Just how do you pronounce Taycan from Porsche

By CARSIFU | 18 December 2018

STUTTGART: Porsche's first all-electric vehicle has a unique name - Taycan - but do you know how to pronounce it? Click on the video and you will be duly informed.

It's uncertain as to which language the name is derived from although Porsche has said it has Eurasian roots and roughly translates as “lively young horse”.

The name is apt considering the Taycan's power will come from two permanent asynchronous electric motors, one for each axle, generating a combined output of around 600hp and makes the century sprint in just 3.5 seconds with a top speed of more than 200kph.

Since we are on the subject of saying car names right, many people mispronounced the brand from Stuttgart. Here below is how to say Porsche right without embarrassing yourself.