With 659hp, Bentley's 'Speed'-badged Continental GT is indeed fast

By dpa | 16 September 2021

LONDON: Bentley has announced the most powerful model variant of the Continental GT Coupe and Cabrio, a Speed version said to be able to hit top speeds of up to 335kph.

The two-door luxury car has been given an even more powerful W12 engine, an adapted chassis and a modified design with darker trim parts for the interior and exterior.

At the centre of this nearly three-tonne powerhouse is a 12-pot, 6.0-litre engine with 659 horses - 24 more than the standard model.

It can manage the sprint to 100kph in just 3.5 seconds and on the right surface, it won't stop accelerating until it hits 335kph.

But this level of performance also comes with massive fuel consumption: 13.7 litres (CO2 emissions: 311 g/km).

To ensure the car is not only fast, but also agile, the engineers are making use of some of the new GT generation's peculiarities.

For example, the Speed also gets rear-axle steering for more control as well as a new set-up for the three-chamber air suspension and an eight-speed dual clutch.

Braking is provided by new carbon-ceramic discs, which, according to Bentley, are larger in diameter (440mm) than on any other production car. It also features an electronically controlled limited slip differential on the rear axle, a first for Bentley.

The coupe is available from €267,869 (RM1.3mil) and the convertible from €294,644 (RM1.4mil), according to the manufacturer.