This Caddy's up for sale, previous owner Donald Trump

By CARSIFU | 17 February 2017

LONDON: American car fans and those seeking a piece of historic memorabilia are set to have their pulses racing as this rare Cadillac (Caddy) limousine once owned by President Donald Trump is up for sale.

British car dealership Sevenvale Cars, based in Gloucester, is offering the vehicle for sale on the Exchange and Mart website for £50,000 (RM279,000) .


The current owner bought the Caddy 10 years ago and it has even starred in a number of films.

The president’s former limousine was built in 1988 by Cadillac in conjunction with Trump, for a family member and arrived in Britain in 1991. There were plans to produce 50 of the "Cadillac Trump". However, only two were ever actually built, with this one now for sale bought originally by Donald Trump.