5 highlights of Mazda MX-5

By CARSIFU | 24 December 2015

Want only the gist of what the Mazda roadster is all about? Then you have come to the right place. Here are five important points that define what the MX-5 has going for it.


1 A stellar drive
If we haven’t said enough, we will say it again. It has the looks and the goods to back it up. This is a car to make you smile – all day long.


2 Classic roadster shape
From nose to tail, the MX-5 has been sculpted to please the eye. Long bonnet, short overhangs and a truncated rear project the roadster’s character.

Mazda MX-5_2015 (4)

3 Plenty of wind-in-your-hair moments
Well, not exactly. But just getting the canopy down is liberating in a good way, inviting the world into a space where man and machine move as one.


4 SkyActiv engine inside
Every car maker these days is touting how fuel efficient their cars are and Mazda is no different. Its version is the SkyActiv engine that promises higher output with minimal penalty on fuel consumption. The MX-5 is no snorting firebrand but the lightness of body and a capable engine gets the job done. The force is strong in this one.

Mazda MX-5_2015 (11)

5 Emotional connection
This car is an emotional buy; you will realise it soon enough after spending some quality time with it. Its range of dynamic abilities resonates with a keen driver’s desire to feel the joy at the wheel. Some might even swear it does a marvellous job as a daily commuter. Just be sure to travel light and all is well.