VIDEO REVIEW: Proton X70 an attention-grabber

By RIZAL JOHAN | 1 March 2019

Following the recent group media drive of the X70 in Langkawi, Proton passed us the SUV over the weekend for us to have a go at it again.

For companies that depend on the public to drive sales and services, publicity is always welcome to retain buying interest.

And the X70 is worthy of such attention.

As a family-oriented sports utility vehicle (SUV), the X70 certainly ticks the right boxes with ample interior space, comfortable ride and high levels of safety.

What's more, Proton's first SUV with its strategic partner Geely, also charts new ground with an AI-powered voice command that lets the driver or passengers set the infotainment system and other vehicle functions.

With a stout 1.8-litre turbo direct injection engine, the X70 is quick and delivers an enjoyable ride.

The X70's price range from RM99,800 to RM123,800 allows it to appeal to a wider audience seeking to upgrade from a sedan or multi-purpose vehicle.

Check out our video review of the much-talked about X70.