B10 biodiesel okay for our cars, says Mercedes-Benz

By CARSIFU | 1 July 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has declared the B10 biodiesel safe for use in its diesel-powered vehicles.

It said Daimler AG’s research and development on the blend has found no risks to its current diesel vehicle fleet in Malaysia.

“After having initially stated that the B10 biodiesel blend requires further consideration, we are now pleased to inform our customers about the B10 biodiesel blend suitability for all Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles currently sold by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia," said Mercedes-Benz Malaysia outgoing president and CEO Roland Folger.

"We have service intervals of 12,000km to ensure our customers are not affected by the diesel quality.  Our diesel-powered vehicles sold in Malaysia were seen to have run both smoothly and safely with the use of the B10 biodiesel,” he said.

The introduction of B10 biodiesel would have environmental, technological and cost impacts, said Folger, adding that stakeholders must work together to resolve the effects.

In contrast, BMW Group Malaysia has said the B10 blend was not compatible with its diesel cars. It had said last month that the use of the B10 blend could cause engine damage. It had also said modern diesel engines in Malaysia could run on the B7 biodiesel but not B10.