BMW starts interactive campaign

By CARSIFU | 14 July 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: BMW Group Malaysia has introduced a video that aims to drive home the point about road safety ahead of the coming Raya holiday.

“Change: Is In Your Hands” highlights the importance of using child car seats as well as being aware of your surroundings when on the road.

The YouTube video campaign is part of the BMW Safety 360º Program.

By using YouTube interactive features, the video promotes, educates and entertains viewers as they are given the opportunity to choose how the story develops to its end.

Viewers would experience the story of the interactive video campaign from the point of view of a parent and make decisions on the appropriate use of a child’s safety restraint as well as simple actions such as using a mobile phone while driving; all of which will lead to different outcomes and eventually conveying the message of prioritising responsible child safety practices to keep their children protected.

“Safety on the road is very much dependent on choices. We choose the technologies that makes us safe in our vehicles and we choose how we behave on the road to ensure we are safe. This is the reason that the element of choice is key in this Public Service Announcement video.” said BMW Group Malaysia managing director and CEO Alan Harris.

“Change: Is In Your Hands” is a production of True Legend Pictures and VFilms Pictures. Directed by BMW Shorties 2014 finalist, Leroy Low Tiong Lim, who co-directed the short film “Adunan” for the competition last year, the interactive video is now live on the BMW Shorties YouTube page.