Car safety system broken? Don't just turn it off

By DPA | 26 May 2020

BERLIN: More and more cars come equipped with a range of standard safety systems that are increasingly smart and complex, while some advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) like lane departure warnings or driver drowsiness detection cost extra.

No matter whether standard or optional, safety experts agree that once a system is installed it's vital that it works properly.

If an assistance system breaks down in a car, it's crucial that you have it repaired, especially if's a safety system, but also if it's an additionally and not mandatory system, say the safety experts from inspection agency Dekra.

If, for example, something crucial like the airbags, emergency brake assistant or electronic stability control stops working, it's vital that you get it fixed in the workshop, rather than just turn it off.

Otherwise, the high safety standards of a modern car will only disappear as the car ages, making it less and less safe to drive.