Covid-19: Allianz General makes disinfecting vehicles an SOP

By CARSIFU | 29 May 2020

KUALA LUMPUR: Accident vehicles in need of repairs are getting some extra care from Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad.

Since the Movement Control Order (MCO), disinfecting vehicles are now part of the everyday practice for Allianz General Insurance and its panel workshops.

Each vehicle is thoroughly disinfected twice; when it first arrives at the workshop for repairs, and again once repair works are completed.

Moreover, the vehicle’s interior is also cleaned before the car is released to its owner.

“We use government-approved disinfectant solutions and the whole process takes 10 minutes for each vehicle. There is no effect on our turn-around time,” said Damian Williams, head of claims for Allianz General.

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According to Damian, Allianz General panel repair workshops also sanitise their premises at least twice a day, which also includes common areas and the customer waiting area.

Workshop employees are also strictly adhering to the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) safety standards.

Prior to the MCO, Allianz General received an average of 130 accidents reports per day nationwide, with 70 percent of those cases occurring in the Klang Valley.

While that number dropped to an average of 40 accident cases per day during the MCO, Damian expects the numbers to rise once the Conditional MCO (CMCO) ends on 9 June.

“Once we get back into the full-swing of things, we expect to see a rise in the number of vehicles needing repairs. Our panel workshops will continue these disinfection services and maintain this as our standard procedures as long as it is needed,” said Damian.

In an event of an accident, Allianz motor customers should call the Allianz Road Rangers (Accident/ Roadside Assistance) (24-hours) at 1800-22-5542.

To find out more about the complimentary Allianz Road Rangers service, visit the Allianz Malaysia corporate website at