Dainese showcases Smart Jacket

By CARSIFU | 19 June 2019

ROME: Dainese has introduced its Smart Jacket which features stationary impact protection for the very first time.

The new Smart Jacket D-air airbag vest can be worn underneath or on top of any jacket and does not require any connection to the bike.

The vest is available in six sizes for both men and women and is likely to arrive in European stores sometime in July with a retail price of £569.95 (RM3,000).

Dainese Smart Jacket - 02
The vest is foldable and can be placed in a backpack or inside a top box.

The “brain” of Smart Jacket is the triggering algorithm.

The electronic central unit analyses 1,000 times per second the data transmitted by seven sensors and detects any dangerous situations, activating the system only when necessary.

Dainese Smart Jacket - 07
Two decades of development and millions of data items have been gathered to create an extremely sophisticated algorithm that has the ability to predict an accident that includes stationary vehicle collisions.

The Shield is at the heart of the protection provided by Smart Jacket guarantees that the inflation is even and controlled throughout the entire surface.

This creates a shield that envelops the rider's body and delivers protection to the rider.

Dainese Smart Jacket - 03
The Shield covers the chest and back, ensuring the same degree of protection as seven Level 1 back protectors.

Despite not having any form of hardshell protective gear inside, the result is a light and practical garment which, once off the bike, can be easily folded and placed in a bag, a lateral top box or a backpack.

The external fabric of the jacket is ventilated, but the main innovation is found inside: the Shield is in fact folded over on itself, enabling, in normal riding conditions, air to pass through the front part.

Dainese Smart Jacket - 10
When activated, the Shield expands to cover the entire chest to guarantee the maximum level of protection.

The vest is also designed to be worn in the rain, thanks to the water-repellent fabric and waterproof D-air technology.

The long battery life makes the vest more usable by guaranteeing 26 hours of function and fast recharging time.

Dainese Smart Jacket - 11