DB Research says VW Golf in Malaysia is expensive but petrol is very cheap

By CARSIFU | 23 May 2019

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian capital has emerged as the fifth most expensive city to buy a new Volkswagen Golf, but is the fourth cheapest city to buy petrol, says a Deutsche Bank (DB) survey of 55 major cities of the world.

According to the DB Research report, which covered its eighth annual survey of global prices and living standards, buying a new Golf without extra features here would cost US$36,323 (RM152,378).

In DB Research's report, the most expensive city to buy a new Golf without extra features is Singapore (US$76,313), followed by Copenhagen, Denmark (US$39,904); Oslo, Norway (US$39,273); Dhaka, Bangladesh (US$37,579) and Kuala Lumpur (US$36,323 or RM152,378) .

However, Volkswagen Malaysia's website lists its lowest priced Golf as the 1.4-litre turbocharged R-Line variant at RM174,110 or US$41,503 on the road without insurance.

Based on Volkswagen Malaysia's price for the Golf R-Line, this would mean Kuala Lumpur is actually the second most expensive city to buy a new Volkswagen Golf after Singapore.

Meanwhile, the report noted that Kuala Lumpur has relatively low fuel prices, as the city is the fourth cheapest out of 55 cities, with one litre of petrol sold at US$0.53 or RM2.22.

The report did not mention what grade of petrol was used in the price comparisons.

Based on the latest weekly (May 18 to 24, 2019) fuel prices at the pump in Malaysia, RON95 grade petrol is sold at RM2.08 or US$0.50 per litre.

In DB Research's report, only three other cities had cheaper petrol - US$0.40 per litre in Lagos, Nigeria and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and US$0.39 per litre in Cairo, Egypt.